True Love Poems

Paul Curtis's love poems are neither soppy nor overly sentimental, but rather a series of tender and sensitive poems which explore true, deep, romantic love in all its many splendoured plumage.

A Poem of Dreams and Aspirations

Tender and romantic, I Never Knew is a poem about a young lover's dreams of another.

A tender and romantic expression of true love in verse form. While not written as a valentines poem, I Never New would serve well on Valentine's Day, or indeed any occasion where you want to profess your love for someone eloquently and elegantly.

I Never Knew

I never knew
When I wished for you
That the wish I wished
Would soon come true

I never knew
When I dreamed of you
In the dreams I dreamed
You would love me too

Selling One's Soul new poem

A poetic prostestation of true love which appears to be a rather one sided bargain.

Cynics might suggest that he doth protest too much, but love does strange, often extraordinary things to a suitor.

I Would Have Given Her The World

I would have given her the world
I’d have written her name in the stars.
I would have given her what was mine
And not demanded that it be ours
Or I’d have sold my soul to the devil
Yes I would have done all this
I would have done all this and more
And in return, receive a single loving kiss

The Aftermath new poem

Just the merest hint of titillation in a poem which describes a couple enjoying a session of liberating, al fresco love making.

Young lovers make love in the open air in a poem which is sensitive rather than sexual in its depiction.

Silence In The Meadow

Silence in the meadow
As we lay amidst the flowers
Young lovers entwined
In the moonlit hours
When love is keenly felt
We succumb to cupids powers
But as night gives way to day
The love we feel is ours

Warp and Weft new poem

A poem about the nature of true love which is beautiful in its simplicity.

Lovers of metaphors will delight in Paul's carefully crafted romantic poem (with an odd simile thrown in for good measure)

In The Tapestry Of Life

In the tapestry of life
Love lies deep
Finely threaded through
Like a constant breath
Radiating perfect beauty
Whatever scene is portrayed
Love is the constant
Within the weave

Taming the Beast

Love and lust, so often two sides of the same coin, conflict and then resolve themselves.

An unusual poem which explores the transition in a relationship from lust to love.

Beauty And The Beast

A pulchritudinous creature
Oblivious to the turmoil
Stirred in a young man's chest
Tamed the beast in me
Sublimating me
From my true desires
Quelling the fires
Redirecting my passions
Reemploying my sexual energy
So we partake
Of the socially acceptable
Exercise our creative bent
Until the time is right
That blessed moment
When love supplants lust
And passion's flame can burn

The Aftermath

A scene of post-coital contentment in which, all passion spent, simply lying together represents complete harmony for a couple.

A dramatic build up and a serene final movement, but the love making which lies between is left to the imagination.

Love At Its Zenith

She looked at me
With those wondrous eyes
Mysterious bright blue eyes,
That could see inside my soul
Then she gave me one of her smiles,
A truly amazing smile
That says hold me close,
Kiss me, stroke my hair,
You’ll never have too miss me.
Then we embraced
A wonderful sensual embrace
Where we seem to merge into one entity
Then as we part she smiles another smile,
Which speaks another language,
And she leads me off to bed
Where we melt together in passionate congress
And love reaches its zenith
Afterwards in the afterglow
She wears contentment on her face
And her cheek bares a rosy blush
As she lies draped across me
Like a robe of exquisite silk
I love it when she lies beside me in bed,
I love her breath on my skin
And the smell of her hair
But most of all
I love her loving me

Truly, Madly, Deeply in Love

A poem about a whirlwind romance which leads to marriage, Cupid's Beau interweaves passion and deep romantic love.

From the moment of meeting, it's a helter skelter ride through love, sex, marriage and a life of contentment together.

Cupid’s Beau

It took only seconds, after he saw her
For him to adore her
And in a week of having rated her
He went on and dated her
When he said good night after kissing her
Straight away he was missing her
And when he started to caress her
He wanted to possess her
And even before he made love to her
He was deeply in love with her
Then in a month of having bedded her
He went on and wedded her
They went together like hand in glove
How lucky to land in love

A Proper Rhyming Poem

Guardian is a rhyming poem about the redemptive qualities of love.

A romantic rhyming poem about the power of love to nurture and to protect. The poem is fully rhymed, which will please some and repulse the blank verse brigade.


She was only slight
And petite of height
Her complexion light
Her smile so bright

Her hair was brown
Her eyes looked down
She never wore a frown
But a halo for a crown

Her eyes were green
And her intellect keen
Her limbs lithe and lean
With the poise of a queen

An angel in human form
Protecting me from the storm
Her embrace both soft and warm
From despair I will transform

Some Mild Titillation

Quasi-erotic in tone, You're Mine can be read either as a poem about obsessive, possessive love, or as a touching testament to true love.

A forceful poem of obsession and possession, redeemed by a concluding line which is tender and romantic.

Suitable as a

Love poem for her

You’re Mine

Your size four feet are mine
Your slender stockinged legs are mine
Your firm round buttocks are mine
Your unwaxed loins are mine
Your smooth flat belly is mine
Your manicured nails are mine
Your pert young breasts are mine
Your brown bobbed hair is mine
Your pretty round face is mine
Your puppy dog eyes are mine
Your turned up nose is mine
Your pale pink mouth is mine
Your coquettish laugh is mine
My heart and soul are yours

The Angelic Jane

Petite, red haired, blue eyed, graceful... Jane is both an angelic figure and an object of desire.

The eponymous heroine of the poem is a young woman whose incomparable beauty and angelic countenance entrance the writer.


Slenderly petite in stature
Adorned in shades of pastel nature
Hair the hue of copper red
Held with ribbon atop her head
Beneath her crimson fringe she views
Through shining eyes of brightest blue
With smiling confidence she speaks
Though with a blush upon her cheeks
Her lips soft pink and parted slightly
Aglow with lustre and smiling brightly
She moves with elegance and grace
On dainty feet from place to place
Ivory hands of delicate softness
Fine fingers move with subtle deftness
No ring adorns her left hand finger
No marriage for this sweet joy bringer
Her eyes light up this radiant beauty
Her mouth turns up at corner cutely
Her countenance becomes breathtaking
It stops my heart but not from breaking
So who’s this angel you enquire?
Who’s this paragon of sweet desire?
So who’s this angel you ask again?
Why the angel's name is simply Jane
An angel true from heaven above
Sent to touch my life with love
This capturer of hearts divine
I hope one day to make her mine

Upstairs Dowmstairs

A romantic poem as costume drama, in which social class forms a unbridgeable divide between the secret admirer and the woman he so deeply desires.

A young man in service looks on unseen at the enchanting beauty of a young lady of the house, whose social standing means that she is unobtainable to one of his lowly status.

From The Shadows

I stood in the shadows
As I had often done before
Out of sight, to see yet be unseen
To look upon that vision of loveliness
She talks with friends in the gardens
Unaware of me
Her skirt was long and green
From high waist to ankle low
Her crisp blouse of white
Enhanced the elegance of her neck
The long sleeves encasing her slender arms
Covered her fine boned wrists
Her hair was red
Red like burnished copper
Thick and full bodied tied back at her nape
Her eyes were the hue of polished emeralds
In a setting of perfect pale skin
No jeweller could ever hope to equal
Her mouth pale lipped, strong yet sensitive
When transformed into a smile
Illuminated her countenance
As if a light had been switched on
Perusal of every inch of her delicate frame
Returned echoes of a cultured creature
Dressed in the finest Edwardian elegance
More than a class above me
I step from the shadows
Returning unseen to my duties

Reflections on A Relationship

A couple look back over the six months that have passed since they first met and forward to their wedding day, two months hence. Six Months is a romantic love poem which tempers optimism with realism.

A young couple reflect on their relationship to date and look forward to their wedding day, which is two months away. Tempting as it was to include Six Months with the wedding poems, there is a brutal realism about love after marriage which I felt made it inappropriate.

Six Months

Its six months today
We’ve been together now
The months have past so quickly
Like moments somehow
Six precious months its been
Exactly to this day
And only two months more
Until our wedding day
In the years we have before us
Let us hope and pray
That we are half as happy after
As before our wedding day

Romantic Solitude

A dispassionately passionate poem about achieving a state of unity in a relationship.

No man is an island, but a couple in love can, through as process of self-absorption and interdependency, build their own little archipelago which allows them to be completely cut off from others, even when in company.

Suitable as a

Love poem for couple

A World Of Love

When I walk with you
Through the woods and hills
Just you and I together
The real world disappears
Melts away like a dream
In the cold light of day
That you just can’t quite remember
We avoid the other walkers
Such is our greed for each other
That we jealously guard our company
We are in love
Though we speak of it reluctantly
Lest we break the spell
So we embrace together
In our special world
Cocooned from the real world
By our close proximity
Just you and I
And that is all the world we need

A Smouldering Fire

A poem about a slowly burning love which is poised to ignite.

A poem of true love and burning passion, which is ignited by the absence of the woman he so dearly loves.

Love Alone

Love alone did light
Passions flame burning bright
Emotions slowly stir
For the want of her
Only she can quench the fire
Of this burning desire
Romance in all its glory
Has written this love story

Love is a Many Splendoured Thing

A kaleidoscopic love poem in which the colours of a rainbow illustrate the elements that make up an ideal romantic relationship.

A love poem which uses the colours of the rainbow to illustrate the depth and breadth of true love in an enduring relationship.

Suitable as a

Love poem for green eyed woman

You Are My Rainbow

Red is for your passion
Orange is loves warm glow
Yellow is the light
Green is for your eyes
Blue is for the clarity
Indigo is for your radiance
Violet the scent of love
And like my love for you
A rainbow has no end

A Slender Volume Worth Taking Out

A romantic poem in which the author likens his life to a book which only truly come to life with the entrance of a very special character.

Rich with metaphor, The Book of Life draws on the experience on one whose life only really begins when he meets his true love.

Suitable as a

Love poem for him or her

The Book Of Life

My life is like a book
Filled with all the special moments
And endless characters
Each page a catalogue of my experiences
Every up and down
Every high and low
But my life only truly began
When you turned the page
And started a new chapter

So Close, But Yet So Far

A love poem which hovers tantalisingly between reality and a dream-like state.

A dreamlike poem of a nocturnal visitation by an alluring girl dressed all in white, but all may not be as it appears.

The Girl Of My Dreams

While I sleep with eyes shut tight
I dream of a girl dressed all in white
This beautiful girl with an adoring smile
And eyes so green they bewitch and beguile
She stands before me this maiden fair
And runs her fingers through my hair
Then I feel the touch of her caress
And a single kiss of such tenderness
Then the beautiful maiden fair
Whispered 'I love you' in my ear
I was alone come the morning light
I hope I see the girl again tonight.

You Are My Rock

A heartfelt poem about the feeling of security that being in love brings.

A poem about love, togetherness and the feelings of security that being in relationship bring.

Suitable as a

Love poem for a man or woman

Just To Know

Just to know each day
That you are here
To listen and love
And abate my fear

Just to know each day
That you really care
To share and laugh
And abate my despair

Just to know each day
That you are with me
To make each new day
A fresh treasured memory.

Tell You That I Love You Every Day

Each verse of this long, languid love poem begins with the line I tell you that I love you.

A poem about a woman who needs frequent reassurance from the man in her life that he is straight and true.

Suitable as a

Love poem for a neurotic woman

I Tell You

I tell you that I love you
I tell you that I care
I tell you every day
Of the love that I declare

I tell you that I love you
I tell you every day
I tell you I am there for you
Each and every way

I tell you that I love you
I tell you that I’m sure
I tell you every day
But you’re so insecure

I tell you that I love you
I tell you that I care
I tell you every day
I’m not going anywhere

I tell you that I love you
I tell you I’m not that guy
I tell you every day
And then you start to cry

I tell you that I love you
I put my arms around you
I tell you every time
That my love for you is true

A Light And Fluffy Confection

A gently humorous love poem which you should read, if only to discover how the phrase 'With Terpsichorean precision' fits into the wider context of the poem.

A poem of true love which combines sporting allusion with message of pure passion.

Suitable as a

Love poem for her

In The Game of Love

In the game of love you know all the right moves
With Terpsichorean precision, purposeful and bold
You are mistress of passion, keeper of my heart
If they awarded medals for love you’d get the gold