More True Love Poems

A further collection of poems about true love by contemporary English poet Paul Curtis. The poems explore the meaning of love both within and without the confines of a formal relationship.

A Protestation of Undying Love

A poem about unconditional love which stretches towards eternity (the love, not the poem).

Long and meandering, I Love Her is an affirmation of love in all its many spleandoured plumage and a protestation of undying love.

I Love Her

I love her with every fibre of me
I love her so much it hurts
I love her in baggy trousers
And I love her in short skirts
I love her when we’re alone
And when we’re with friends
I love her when the day begins
And I love her when it ends
I love her when we’re together
I love her when we’re apart
I love her when we hold hands
And when love making starts
I love her when she’s sexy
I love her when she’s coy
I love her when she makes me mad
And when she brings me joy
I love her at the first caress
And in the afterglow
I love her when we say goodbye
And when we say hello
I love her when she laughs
I love her when she cries
I love her now that I’m alive
And I’ll love her till I die

Ebbing And Flowing

The protagonist yearns for that moment of exhilaration that accompanies being with the one he loves once more.

A passionate love poem which contrasts the feelings of longing when lovers are apart and the feelings of ecstatic euphoria when they are united once more.

Love’s Exquisite Ache

Oh to feel love’s exquisite ache
That desperate longing
That naked want
Feeling so alive in the torment
While craving the fix
Of that heady foaming brew
To quench the thirst of desire
And when that significant soul
Who holds my captive heart
Is but a kiss away
I am dragged from sorrows
Unfathomable depths
And bitter anguish evaporates
Like dew in the morning sun
And euphoria fills every pore
And in that perfect ecstasy
That blissful state of love
I remain until I am again alone

A Romantic Narrative Poem

A long languorous poem about a New Zealand girl who the author discovers has an inner beauty that belies her diminutive figure and unremarkable features.

Small and alluring, the antipodean girl with the huge grey eyes entrances the author with her vivacity and inner beauty.

Kiwi Girl

She was a tiny little thing
Barely five foot, Pint size
But larger than life
With huge grey eyes

Her first words were
I’m not an Aussie
I’m from New Zealand
And I’m a Kiwi

Christened Katherine
She preferred Kitty
At first glance
I thought she was pretty

Perhaps not beautiful
Well not obviously so
But certainly pretty
But not to the shallow

She was not compelled
By fashion or fad
In her cargo pants
And shirt of plaid

Her stocking feet
Made little sound
As on fairy steps
She flitted around

She had a delicious chuckle
Rich and fruity
When she laughed
Was when I saw beauty

A smile lit up her face
And her big eyes
Transformed her
From pupae to butterfly

Her laughing eyes
Glanced aside
And she was caught
Her look was spied

Her pale skin
As she blushed
Turns to crimson
And away she rushed

Though she dressed
Not to impress
She had a figure
Hidden, nonetheless

My eyes followed her
Though no others did
My pretty Kitty
This gorgeous Kiwi kid

Do you try to hide?
From the wicked world
The pretty girl inside
Oh lovely Kiwi girl

Because I already spied
The pretty girl inside
When first I looked
Into her big grey eye

Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Mousy coloured hair, sticky out ears and hypnotic green eyes are not everyone's idea of the aesthetic ideal, but Emily's beauty is more than the sum of its parts.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the eponymous heroine has an inner beauty which belies her rather unusual outward appearance.

See Emily Play

It is said that beauty
Is in its beholder’s eye
Then surely in Emily’s case
Our vision must be singular
Any man with a heartbeat
Must see as I
In order not to mislead
I should state that Emily
Is not on the cover of vogue
She is no airbrushed goddess
She is a normal girl
Perhaps even ordinary
But she is beautiful all the same
She does not see it
In her self-effacing way
She sees only her flaws
But in my eyes
Her beauty is enhanced
By her imperfections
And not diminished by them
She is not a perfect beauty
And so to me she is perfection
She sees many imperfections
But I don’t see any
For example her hair
Which Emily wears long
Is straight and is of that
Undignified shade of mousy
Her ears are small, almost delicate
But they do protrude
Allowing her to hook her hair
Behind them effortlessly
Emily’s nose is a little Aquiline
But cute all the same
Her eyes are a startling pale green
And quite hypnotic
They are punctuated
With thick eyebrows
In the Brooke Shields style
Her lips are full, without a pout
And the corners turn up
Cutely innocent
The colour is pink
At its darkest hue
But all of this is merely,
Window dressing
I look at her in awe
Such is her loveliness
But the secret to her beauty
Is that she is natural
On the day I first met her
On that summers day
When her mouth opened
And those full pink lips
Turned into a smile
They illuminated the room
Her face seemed to radiate
A light so divine
And her countenance
Was at once angelic
And at that very moment
Emily captured my heart
I stood open mouthed
Staring at this goddess
Then when see noticed me
Her cheeks discoloured
To a shade of claret wine
And I knew cupid had struck
Two hearts pierced by a single arrow

Fools Step In Where Angels Fear To Tread

A romantic poem which describes a phenomenon which is not so much love at first sight, as love after careful and considered appraisal.

Love at first sight is the romantic ideal, but much more often love develops after long and careful consideration of the virtues and imperfections of one's intended.

First Impressions

She had a distinct aura
That pervaded the senses
Femininity, without vanity
Beauty, without conceit
Forthright, but not brash
Confident but not cocky
Refreshingly sincere
Intelligent but not haughty
Wit without cruelty
Laughter without malice
Principled and scrupulous
Morality without piety
Could no one else see it?
Was I in a minority of one?
Surely I am not alone
In my admiration of her
As she looks at me
What does she see?
She looks at me appraisingly
What does she see?
How is she evaluating?
Is there an attraction?
Yes but more than that alone
Then simultaneously
In mutual acquiescence
We reached the conclusion
It was simple recognition
Of the similarly disposed
Of kindred spirits
We are soul mates

A Poem of Seduction

A love poem in which the pursuer becomes the pursued.

The tables are turned in a poem in which the seduced become the seductress.


Just let me gaze into your eyes
His words did not disguise
His unsubtle advances
Of flirtatious talk and furtive glances
But I fell victim to his charms
And he held me in his arms
But I held him in mine as well
And then had him under my spell
As I gazed into his eyes
I had the lothario hypnotised

Body, Heart and Soul

A sugary sweet proclamation of undying love delivered in verse form.

An uplifting message about the joy that comes from an enduring monogamous relationship.

Only You

Only you can occupy
That special place within my heart
You have been alone in there
Right from the very start

You will never be evicted
That would cause me great distress
For you will always be my love
The reason for my happiness

Love, An Elusive Beast

More wise words about the tribulations faced by those toiling in search of true love.

A rather downbeat message about elusive nature of true love and the frustrations in store for striving to find it.

They Seek It Here

You will find it here you will find it there
Some people like it but others don't care
Some will yearn for it in deep despair
But to find a true love is especially rare

Musings on the Nature of Romance

The only true love is the love that endures is the central message of this philosophical love poem.

Philosophising on the subject of the nature of true love. Well, perhaps philosophy is too strong. Musings might be better description of these slightly impenetrable thoughts on the subject of love's transience.

People Love

People love each other in many different ways
Take love where they can find it, I would say
All kinds of love shared each and everyday
But the truest are those that can’t be taken away

Nights of Passion

A love poem in which the protagonist struggles to distinguish between fantasy and reality. True love or imagined love?

The line between fantasy and reality is blurred as the protagonist remembers, or perhaps imagines, the nights of passion with his lover.

Dream Lover?

Was our secret love as special as it seems
Or were our liaisons only in my dreams
Am I remembering those nights clearly
When your heart beat only for me
And we satisfied all of our passions
In all their varied forms and fashions
Could it be our exertions were a fallacy?
Our sexual gymnastics just a fantasy
Were those sensual hours spent with you?
Or just an imagined lovers rendezvous

Head over Heels

A spinning head and a churning stomach is usually symptomatic of either a very bad hangover or falling in love, but rarely both at the same time.

Why do we fall head over heels in love? And should there be predatory firms of lawyers chasing along behind offering 'no win no fee' deals to the romantically injured?

My Heart Skips A Beat

My heart skips a beat
I have dancing feet
You have me in a spin
You make my head swim
My stomach is in knots
My eyes are seeing spots
You make my heart beat fast
Oh I’m in love at last
Yes its love without a doubt
I had better ask you out

Sweet Sentimentality

A beautiful, heartfelt, romantic poem which some will find delightful and others a bit too good to be true.

The fact that reading the poem makes me feel distinctly queasy might mean it's the perfect poem to use as a valentine's message for the one you love. Only you can tell whether your wife, girlfriend or partner enjoys drowning in sea of sickly sweet sentimentality.

Suitable as a

Love poem for a diabetic slipping into a hypoglycaemic state


When we are apart
I love the way you miss me
And when we reunite
I love the way you kiss me
You love, care and nurture me
You can’t do more than this for me
I give my heart and soul to you
I love you oh so blissfully

Seeking Comfort

Dreams and reality become alarmingly disconnected in a poem about love and reassurance.

A poem in which dreams of a lover are transformed into a reality of contented solitude.

In My Dreams

In my dreams
I see you clearly
I reach out to touch you
And you hold me in your arms
I feel your tender caress
As you envelope me
As your love embosoms me
And my pain melts away
When I awake
I am alone and breathless
But content and at peace

Doubts and Insecurities

It's a classic dilemma when you fall madly in love with someone and are unsure whether their response is wholehearted.

Head over heels in love, the poem's protagonist is agonising as to whether the feelings are reciprocated.

I Need Her Love So Badly

I need her love so badly
I have fallen for her madly
And though she tells me
She is mine till eternity
I am so insecure
I do not know for sure
If I tell her of my distrust
I will warrant her disgust
Though I am riddled with self doubt
She will only pout
Why must I doubt her?
Why can’t I believe her?
I should count my blessings
Instead of self obsessing
I have fallen for her madly
I need her love so badly

Fairer, Brighter, Purer…

An English love poem in the classic Thou art more beautiful than… tradition,

A poem about the ability of romance to change one's life utterly and completely (although the cynic in me say not always for the better)

Fairer Than A Rose

Fairer than a rose
That in Eden grows
Brighter than a star
Shining from afar
Purer than a rose
That in heaven grows
I bless the day
She came my way
For until that sunlit morn
I was yet unborn

Too Good To Be True?

A poem about incomparable and unenhanceable beauty which some may find incredible.

There is always a danger that hyperbole may topple over into insincerity, but this one seems to have judged it about right.

Natural Beauty

I look at you doing ordinary things
Bewitched by your beauty
I watch you take off your make-up
And puzzle at its redundancy

Why do you even put it on
It adds nothing to your beauty
For you cannot enhance perfection
It is an exercise in futility


A poem which pleads for that moment of finally falling in love to arrive.

First love is the most precious love of all, so it's understandable that some are impatient for its arrival.

When Will The Lightning Strike?

When will the lightning strike?
When will the thunder roar?
When will that moment come
When love knocks at my door?

When will the drum beat out?
When will love’s music play?
When will that moment come
When love finally looks my way?

United By Love

Tender and romantic, there remain undercurrents of insecurity in a poem which is essentially about togetherness.

A romantic scene of a couple holding hand beneath the setting sun is heartwarmingly and realistically portrayed.

As The Sun Set Over The Sea

As the sun set over the sea
Filling the sky with an orange hue
I held your hand
And beheld that wondrous view
Then I squeezed your hand
And said “I love you”
I held my breath
Until you said “I love you too”


A love fest of a poem, in which the author professes to love every inch of his girlfriend

Another poem which is in danger of being too gushing its praise, but is saved by a touching conclusion.

I Love Everything About You

I love everything about you
Every inch of your 5 foot 2
I love the way you dress
And disrobed as well I confess
I love your overt sexuality
And your subtle femininity

I love your seductive smile
And your soft tender lips
I love you from head to toe
And each and every finger tip

I love your bobbed brown hair
And your dazzling green eyes
I love your curvaceous-ness
Your breasts, your hips, your thighs

I love you lying in my arms
Beside me in my bed
I love to hold you close
And kiss you softy on the head

I love everything about you
Every inch of your 5 foot 2
And the greatest thing of all
Is that you love me too

Hidden Beauty

The beauty of a young woman is hidden beneath shapeless clothes, but the writer can see beyond her unappealing exterior.

A poem as palimpsest, in which the hidden message is obscured by an unattractive layer of tribal teenage dress.


Hey pretty girl, yes I’m talking to you
Don’t think you can keep hidden from view
You may try to hide in your tomboy guise
But I can see you; I can see the hidden prize
You may dress in oversized jeans and a baggy T
And try to hide yourself in shapeless anonymity
But I can see the real you beneath the scruffy hair
I can see the pretty girl who’s hiding in there
You’ll come out soon and everyone will see
The girl inside the tomboy who will marry me

A Filmic Extravaganza

A beseeching poem which has as its romantic point of reference the great lovers from the era of the silver screen.

Referencing the great lovers of the golden age of cinema, the author searches for a relationship which shares the same idealised romance.

Suitable as a

Love poem for a film lover

I Want, I Need

I want, I need, a woman to look at me
Just a glance
The way Sha’uri looked at Jackson
In “Stargate”
A look of passion
Of want and desire
Telling me all
In that one look

I want, I need, a woman to smile at me
Her face to light up
The way Donna Reed smiled at Jimmy Stewart
In “it’s a wonderful life”
A smile of passion
Of want and desire
Telling me all
In that one smile

I want, I need, a woman to love me
Come what may
The way Greer Garson loved Coleman
In “Random Harvest”
A deep enduring love
Wanting and desiring
Answering all my doubts
In that all consuming love

I want, I need, to be in love with a woman
But no ordinary love
Special like Bogey and Bacall
Tracy and Hepburn in life and on screen
I want to see my love
Reflected back in her face
Reflecting want and desire
Telling all
In that requited love