Christmas Love Poems

Christmas is, for many, an especially romantic time of year - snowy landscapes, open fires, time with loved ones away from the pressures of work. Paul's Christmas love poems encapsulate the romance of the festive period in a collection of warm, affirmative, uplifting verse. And if anyone mentions winterval, I'll scream!

Fireside Romance

A log fire, chestnuts, snow flakes, candle light, mistletoe…  all the ingredients required to whip up a classical love poem for the Christmas period. Aaagh.

A tender love poem with which to kick off the collection of Christmas love poems. An open fire, roasting chestnuts, falling snow and a stolen kiss beneath the mistletoe - nothing could be more romantic.


I Watched A Snow Flake Melt

Chestnuts roasting in the fire
The smell of cinnamon in the air
I watched a snow flake melt
On her beautiful auburn hair
As we held hands in the soft light
Of the Christmas candle glow
And I kissed my first love
Beneath a sprig of mistletoe


Overly repetitious rhymes leave you in no double that you are by far the star.

A sentimental poem for Christmas which may just do it for the one you love.


Christmas Star

I wouldn’t need to look too far
To find the perfect Christmas star
I’d open my eyes and there you are
I don’t have to wish upon a star
To find the perfect Christmas star
Because you're the very best by far

A Gift Beyond Price

The most romantic of Christmas gifts for the one you love is wrapped up in this delightful little parcel of a poem.

A romantic poem about that most precious, yet intangible, gift that you can give your partner at Christmas. There is a jolly little postscript which will get you out of being accused of being a cheapskate.


My Christmas Gift To You

My Christmas gift to you
Is not wrapped up in coloured paper,
Tied with ribbon and bows
And hidden beneath the tree
It’s visible for all to see
It is written on my face
Like ink on parchment
It spills out from my heart
Like boiling milk from a pan
It emanates from my every pore
And surrounds us all
My Christmas gift to you
Is my never ending love

Fantasy or Reality?

Flighty and flirtatious, the object of the author's affections is dressed in a sexy Santa's little helper costume. But is she a reality, or just a fantasy figure?

A fantasy poem in which the protagonist engages in some flirtatious behaviour with one of Santa's little helpers. Whether the object of desire is in fact a real person is left to the reader's imagination.


Christmas Essence

You are my Christmas essence
My yuletide effervescence
You breathe life into me
Oh how you appeal to me
Dressed in your Christmas tights
And the Santa sweater that fits just right
Oh you naughty little Christmas flirt
Wearing your short red Christmas skirt
You are the spirit of my season
You are the rhyme and the reason
But as you spread your Christmas joy
Pleasing every girl and boy
There is something you don’t know
I feel stirrings down below
Because when your sleigh bells jingle
It makes all my senses tingle
Because you so excite me
How I want you to delight me
You are my Christmas dish
You are my every Christmas wish
Every year I make this plea
To let me unwrap you beneath the tree
But again you are not among my presents
But you will remain my Christmas essence

A Meeting of Minds

A chance meeting in a bookshop leads to a couple embarking on the idyllic relationship that both of dreamt of, but had never expected to become a reality. The moral is either 'good things happen to those who read good books' or 'book-lovers make great lovers'.

A tender and romantic poem about a chance meeting in a bookshop which leads to the relationship that both parties had waited half a lifetime to materialise.


Christmas Carole

My feelings and emotions,
Long since repressed,
Stirred from their slumber
Feelings I thought had long passed
Were awakened like a sleeping giant
Reappearing like long lost friends
Out of the blue and so unexpected
And Carole was the reason
We met by chance
A week or so before Christmas
In a crowded book shop
Amidst the throng of Christmas shoppers
We simultaneously emerged at the checkout
Both clutching a copy of the same book
The Dickens classic
“A Christmas Carol”
Spotting each others proposed purchases
We both smiled
And as far as we could see
We were the only people smiling
Surrounded as we were
By a multitude of the disgruntled
I found myself suggesting coffee
And was pleasantly surprised to hear her accept
Following that first chance meeting
We quickly became inseparable
We would sit and talk for hours
About everything and nothing
As we’d sit by the cosy fireside
We would share long walks in the country
And afternoons watching old movies
It soon became obvious
We had both found that elusive something
That had been just out of reach
Just over the next hill
We had found our soul mates
Now we share everything
She was the Christmas gift
I had been waiting for all my life
My very own Christmas cracker
My very own Christmas Carole

Wholehearted Affection

A poem about a Christmas expression of love which certainly scores A plus for effort, but perhaps only B minus for sincerity. Or perhaps it's only doctors who object to overtly anatomical allusions to romantic gestures. For with no heart and soul I am but an empty shell reads medically as I am dead.

A perhaps overenthusiastic protestation of love at Christmas time. Giveing someone you heart and soul sounds good, but...


I Would Give To You On Christmas Morning

I would give to you
On Christmas morning
The gift of love
Contained within my heart
So I could deliver it
And to show good faith
I would wrap it in my soul
Then you would have the best of me
For with no heart and soul
I am but an empty shell
So I would give you that as well
And then you would have all of me

If Wishes Were Horses

A poem about a lovelorn soul who earnestly hopes and desires that his Christmas wish will finally come true.

A Christmas poem about the triumph of hope over experience. In such cases, romantic dreams of being in love with someone can simultaneously sustain and destroy.


A Christmas Dream

It was just another dream
That I awoke from that morn
It was a very familiar dream
A regular one rather well worn

The theme was the same as usual
The dream was all about you
Just another stupid dream
That will never come true

But it wasn’t exactly the same
It was a variation on a theme
This time it had changed
It was a Christmas dream

But this time it felt so real
Will it ever come true?
This Christmas dream of mine
About spending Christmas with you

Newly Weds

A romantic poem in which a recently married couple look forward with eager anticipation to spending their first Christmas together as husband and wife.

A recently married couple experience the joy of spending their first Christmas together as a husband and wife.


This Is Our First Christmas

This is our first Christmas
As husband and wife
The very first Christmas
Of our married life
This is our first Christmas
Together in our house
The very first Christmas
With my very own spouse

A Christmas Missive

The tenderly romantic poem in which the writer makes an unusual request in in his letter to Santa, for the heart of the woman he loves.

An unusual letter to Santa in which the protagonist asks for one simple Christmas gift, the heart of the one he loves.


I Wrote a Letter to Santa

I wrote a letter to Santa
Making my request
I told him what I wanted
Stating what was best

I didn’t ask for jewels
I didn’t ask for jewellery
I didn’t ask for gold
I didn’t ask for luxuries

I asked him for a gift
I consider the greatest prise
I asked him for the look of love
To be present in your eyes

I asked him for your heart
So to make me live
I asked him for your love
But they’re not his give

I wrote a letter to Santa
Making my request
I told him that I love you
I’m sure he’ll do what’s best

Eve Squared

A couple sit beside a roaring log fire, the young man looking back at the precious year they have spent together since their first meeting and speculates about a future together.

The tale of a whirlwind romance which blossomed and bloomed between two Christmases. A year ago on Christmas Eve, a young man spots the girl with whom is to fall in love singing in the choir at midnight mass. Christmas Eve one year on, he is plucking up the courage to ask her to marry him.


Christmas Eve

We sit beside the hearth,
Just Evelyn and I
Logs crackling in the grate
Flames are burning bright

Just the two of us
Alone in the fire side glow
Sitting in cosy comfort
Warm from head to toe

It was a year ago we met
On a very different night
When I first saw her face
In the soft glow of candle light

It was last Christmas Eve
When I first saw her
It was at midnight mass
And she was singing in the choir

She will be singing Carols
Again this Christmas Eve
We will have to stir ourselves
It’s almost time to leave

But before we leave the cosy scene
I have something to ask
But I’m a little bit scared
As I set about my task

This year has been so special
With her sharing my life
That I want Evelyn to marry me
I want her to be my wife

So as we sit beside the hearth,
Just Evelyn and I
Logs crackling in the grate
Flames burning bright

I pray that when I ask her
I get the response I dare not believe
And she will answered yes
And be MY Christmas Eve

The Joy of Sharing

A Christmas love poem in which the young couple experiencing their first Christmas together find that the experience brings them closer together than ever.

A newly married couple prepare for excitement and romance of their first Christmas together as a husband and wife.


The Very First Christmas

Putting up the decorations
And trimming the Christmas tree
Writing all the cards
This year from you and me

Your presents are wrapped
Only bows and tags to do
Until this moment I didn’t know
Just how much I loved you

So I will have a happy Christmas
With the love of my life
The very first Christmas
Since we became man and wife


A Christmas love poem in which the unusual romantic vision of a pretty little elfin faced girl in green woolly tights and pixie shoes is espied from afar…

The opening of a two part Christmas love poem in which the writer falls increasingly in love over the course of a year with his pretty little elfin face girl.


Oh My Pretty Little Elfin Faced Girl (Part One)

Oh my pretty little elfin faced girl
In green woolly tights and pixie shoes
I’ve admired you from a distance
Where your smile melts away my blues

I watched you bloom in the spring
And bask in the warm summer glow
Then dressed in russet colours of autumn
And all the year I’ve felt my love grow

Now winter is here and Christmas is near
Oh how I long to kiss your sweet lips so
Oh my pretty little elfin faced girl
I pray I meet you beneath the mistletoe


... but quickly becomes the focus of attention.

A Christmas love poem of two halves, the young man initally appears completely ignored by the one her so admires, until she appears magically brandishing a sprig of mistletoe.


Oh My Pretty Little Elfin Faced Girl (Part Two)

Oh my pretty little elfin faced girl
In green woolly tights and pixie shoes
Please notice me beneath the mistletoe
And kiss away my Christmas blues

Oh my pretty little elfin faced girl
I wish you would grant my Christmas wish
But it appears that I wish in vain
For you don’t even know that I exist

So I stand alone with my Christmas punch
Looking out at the fresh fallen snow
When I see your elfin face smile at me
And you’re holding a sprig of mistletoe

Get Puckering

Promises, promises.

A Christmas love poem which resounds with the plaintive refrain Give Me a Kiss for Christmas.


Give Me a Kiss for Christmas

Give me a kiss for Christmas
For my love for you is strong
Give me a kiss for Christmas
I’ve been waiting oh so long

Give me a kiss for Christmas
On this special holy night
Give me a kiss for Christmas
Let me fill you with delight

Give me a kiss for Christmas
That is my only Christmas wish
I promise it will be much more
Than just another Christmas kiss