Funny Love Poetry

At Love Poetry, we celebrate the lighter side of love and life with collections of funny romantic poems which cover the every aspect of romance. From the tender and sensitive to the sensual and sexual, from the gently humorous to the hilariously funny, you'll find poems about the ups, downs and sideways of romance and relationships, plus a plethora of funny love poems to cover the feast of St. Valentine's Day

Funny Love Poems

The collection includes conventional funny love poems, together with some rather less conventional poems about funny love - sexual inversion, perversion, frottaging.

Humorous Love Poems

The humorous love poems are not as overtly funny as the funny love poems - a collection of romantic verse to make you smile inwardly, rather than laugh out loud.

Funny Sex Poems

Sex is a subject that lends itself to both humour and poetry. Combine the two and you produce a delicious confection that is sometimes sickly sweet, and occasionally stomach churning.

More Funny Love Poetry

For those with an insatiable appetite for funny love poetry, our Peculiar Poetry sister site include more poetic fun, frolics and occasionally filth. Paul Curtis's Peculiar Poetry collections include and , which share the same name, but not the same poems as the Love Poetry counterparts. In addition, there are selections of Paul's and , together with the brief encounter series and .