Christmas Essence

You are my Christmas essence
My yuletide effervescence
You breathe life into me
Oh how you appeal to me
Dressed in your Christmas tights
And the Santa sweater that fits just right
Oh you naughty little Christmas flirt
Wearing your short red Christmas skirt
You are the spirit of my season
You are the rhyme and the reason
But as you spread your Christmas joy
Pleasing every girl and boy
There is something you don’t know
I feel stirrings down below
Because when your sleigh bells jingle
It makes all my senses tingle
Because you so excite me
How I want you to delight me
You are my Christmas dish
You are my every Christmas wish
Every year I make this plea
To let me unwrap you beneath the tree
But again you are not among my presents
But you will remain my Christmas essence

A fantasy poem in which the protagonist engages in some flirtatious behaviour with one of Santa's little helpers. Whether the object of desire is in fact a real person is left to the reader's imagination.


Love Poems for Special Occasions


Love Poems for Christmas

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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