More Romantic Valentines Poems

A second collection of romantic valentines poems for lovers and those hoping to fall in love on this most auspicious of days. Once again, Paul treats us to love poems which are tender and heartfelt, but at the same time honest about the pains and pitalls of forming and sustaining relationships.

Falling Headlong In Love

We usually talk about falling head over heels in love, but this is an example of a precipitate,headlong rush into the arms of romance.

A poem about the proclivity of youth to fall helter-skelter into (and indeed out of) love.

Fleet Young Footsteps

Fleet young footsteps
In a headlong rush
Running towards romance
Barefoot in the meadow grass
Love-struck on a woodland path
Sprinting along the beach
Splashing through the water’s edge
And into the arms of love

An Eternal Flame

A poem which expresses eternal love for another and the hope that this love might be reciprocated. While not explicitly a valentines poem, the romantic sentiments makes it ideal as a valentines verse for either a man or a woman on Valentine's Day.

And the meek shall inherit the earth... Always and Forever is a tender and hearfelt plea that the one you love from a distance will take notice of you and reciprocate that love.

Always and Forever

Always and forever
My love for you will burn
And the one and only thing
For which I yearn
Is that you will notice me
And love me in return


An old fashioned love poem with which to express admiration and adoration for the man in your life. If you dream of being swept off your feet by a knight in shining armour, you're half way there.

A valentines poem for that very special man, who is honorable, gallant, chivalrous  …and often elusive.

Ode To My Beau

You hold back the night
With your gallantry
You subdue my fears
With your chivalry
You hold me in the light
With your passion for me

Forever And Beyond

Will I ever stop loving you? The central thesis of this romantic poem is that I'll only stop loving you if one of a number unlikely events occur. It may sound cold and emotionless, but Then and Only Then is a declaration of true and enduring love.

A beautiful, lyrical valentines poem with which to express your eternal love to another.

Then and Only Then

I will drop a grain of sand into the desert
I will cry a teardrop into the ocean blue
I will blow a kiss into a hurricane
To prove my love, this is what I do
If you find that grain of sand, that teardrop
Or that kiss then that is when I’ll stop loving you

Possessive Love

The repetition on the phrase I want may bring to mind a petulant child, but this is an adult love poem which is overflowing with emotion and makes a tender and thoughtful valentines love poems.

A romantic poem about possession and obsession, which speaks of love and togetherness and other sensory pleasures.

I Want You

I want you to hold in my arms
I want to look into your eyes
I want to feel your heart beat
I want to hear your sighs

I want to hear your voice
I want to feel your touch
I want to kiss your lips
Because I love you so much

Stellar Allusions

If you've fallen in love with a female astronomer, this is the perfect valentines poem for you (and her). Others with be beguiled by the stellar allusions and the self-deprecating stance adopted by the male protagonist.

A valentines love poem in which the male protagonist praises his lover's inordinate beauty like a beacon, while he is happy to bask in her.

My Beacon

Your beauty is like a beacon
That shines through the universe
Brighter than the hottest star
In this galaxy and those beyond
I bask in its illumination
Orbiting like a faithful moon
Content to be your satellite
Ever in your perfect light

Tongue Tied

A valentines poem to be deployed by the bashful or the tongue tied, who may love someone passionately, yet never quite get round to expressing their love in words.

A valentines poem with which a tongue tied or reticent suitor could pledge their troth. The poem says I love you, even if you can't or won't summon up the words yourself.

Of Course, You Know I Love You

Of course, you know I love you
And how much you mean to me
Of course you must know
It must be plain for you to see

OK it's not every day that I tell you
And I would if I didn’t think you knew
It’s obvious so you must know
Exactly how much I love you

I know I don’t say it in so many words
OK I don’t ever say it to you
But that’s just because I thought you knew
How much I’m in love with you

A Love That Lingers

A romantic poem which examines what love means in the context of a lasting and committed relationship.

A tender, contemplative poem for Valentine's Day which reflects on the qualities which transforms love from something ephemeral into a bond which is lasts a lifetime.


A Life is merely moments
Like the links of a chain
Just moments
Some fleeting
Some lingering
Sometimes singular
Sometimes strung together
One upon another
To make experiences
In turn making a life whole
Life consists only of moments
Moments that comfort
Moments that elate
Moments of sadness
Moments of joy
Moments of pain
Moments of ecstasy
Moments to cherish
Some moments are finite
Others radiate through a life
Like ripples on a pond
Left by a rising fish
Others remain rooted in the past
Becoming distant memories
Yet some are perfect moments
And are easily recalled
In perfect clarity
You are my most precious moment

Romantic Gifts

Whilst some men might be tempted to leave buying the flowers until February 15th, when they return to their regular price, such actions have dire consequences.

A short, light valentines poem which is a sharp reminder that Valentine's Day is a day for romantic gestures and showering your loved one with extravagant gifts and flowers. Yes, definitely flowers.

Valentine Question

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Do I have to buy flowers for you?
Violets are blue, Roses are red,
OK, I understand, if I don’t I’m dead.

Num Or Nonne?

If I is a poem that poses as a series of questions. Whether they are num or nonne questions depends on your reading of the poem and your view of romance.

A tentative, sensitive, sensual poem which would ideal as a valentine for one you love, if you're uncertain whether that love is reciprocated.

If I

If I were inside your head
What would I see?
Through your blue grey eyes
How would I view me?

If I were in your heart
What would I feel?
Would it beat a little faster?
When I see me?

If I was in your skin
When we made love
Would I feel electricity?
When I touch you

If I were inside your head
What would I think?
Would I know I was the one?
When I look at me?

If I were in your heart
Would it be full?
Or have an empty space
For the one you seek

If I were in your mind
Would I feel content?
Would I see someone special?
When I look at me?

If I spoke to me
With your mouth and lips
And I said I love you
Would it be the truth?

Well Travelled

The writer finds incomparable beauty in his beloved…

A romantic poem in which the protagonist compares the beauty of the one he loves with the natural beauty far flung parts of the world.

Every Corner Of The World I

I have stood in view of the far pavilions,
I have stood upon the great lakes shore,
I have stood in the heat of the hottest desert,
I have stood at Niagara and looked in awe,
I have seen many things in my long life,
It is my plan to live to see many more,
But I know I will never see more beauty,
Now I stand beside you, of that I’m sure.

Beguiled By A Rare Beauty

…and expresses his undying love for her.

An expression of unshakable, unbreakable love which would be perfect as a Valentine's Day protestation of love, or perhaps even to accompany a proposal.

Every Corner Of The World II

From the land of the long white cloud,
To the land of the midnight sun,
I will follow you to the ends of the earth,
Because for me you’re the only one.

Wild And Tempestuous

Writing introductions to Paul's valentines poems can become a little repititious, because he either has one true love who is has myriad virtues beyond compare, or a series of loved ones whom he has successfully kept secret from his wife, or a wonderfully vivid imagination.

A poem about a passionate love for a young woman who was wild and tempestous, yet fragile and delicate.

52, Nature’s Child

She was nature’s child
The most special one
Her smile as warm
As the summer sun
Yet Fragile and delicate
Like an early spring bloom
Bright as shaft of sunlight
Illuminating the gloom
Spectacular and exciting
As the days first dawning
Yet simple and refreshing
As a clear winter morning
Tempestuous like
An autumn gale blowing wild
The most special one
She was nature’s child


A sad valentines poem about the trauma and bitter memories of one who has been spurned.

A love poem for those who are feeling battered and bruised after the break up of a relationship. I'm not sure it's really a valentine's poem, except that it could be used on Valentine's Day to prick the conscience of the the prick you dumped you.


I imagine the scent of you
Because you are far away
I imagine your hand in mine
Because you are out of reach
I imagine you in my arms
Because you’re no longer there
I imagine your sweet smile
Because now you look at me with scorn
I imagine your lovely voice
Because now you speak only bitter words
I imagine that you love me
Because your love for me is past
I imagine myself in your heart
Because you no longer love me

Three Way Split

A poem about love triangles, rather than the equally delicious Dairy Lea cheese triangles. It's been chosen as a valentines poem as it draws together all the anguish and guilt that Valentine's Day can bring to situations of unreciprocated love.

If you feel that Valentine's Day is as good a day as any to do the dastardly deed, then Triangles might be the perfect poem with which to tell the one you love that you now love another.


It’s so good to be loved
To be essential to someone
To be the breath of their life
The beat in their heart
The fire in their blood
Seeing love in their eyes
Knowing you are the one
Being in their every thought
It’s so good to be loved
Except when you love another

Revenge Is Sweet

A sad poem about a woman's valentines wishes that have failed to come true over the years.

A sad valentines poem about a woman's dreams of an enduring love that has never materialised.

Cupid Fired

I’ve waited for my valentine
For such a long lonely time
I have waited for years
For him to end all my tears
I’ve waited for cupid to start
And shoot his arrow at a heart
The piercing of my valentine
That would then make him mine
And I hoped and I prayed
For a valentines loving serenade
But I never ever got one
So I shot cupid with a gun
You may think my actions hard
But he did nothing in my regard
And when apology remained unsaid
I shot cupid in the head

An Offering Of Love

A tender and romantic poem with which to pledge your undying love on Valentines Day.

On Valentine's Day, I Give To You a Rosebud would be the perfect poem to accompany the gift of a singe red rose to the woman that you love.

I Give To You a Rosebud

I give to you a rosebud
Held twixt my finger tips
As a symbol of my love
That cannot be eclipsed
The purest, sweetest rose
As red as your sweet lips

A Proper Rhyming Poem

Pained as I am to describe other people's poems as simple, I First Saw You is a fast paced poem which races from first meeting to romance in eight punchy lines.

From first glance to love affair in a hop and a skip. It may lack depth, but I First Saw You is overflowing with joi de vivre.

I First Saw You

I first saw you
As you were advancing
I smiled at you
As your eyes were glancing
And all at once
My heart was dancing
And in a moment
We were both romancing

Communicate Your Love

A joyously upbeat conclusion to our selection of valentines poems. Just say you love me...

There are so many different ways that you can say 'I love you'. But whichever way you choose, the really important thing is to say those magic words to the one you love, especially on Valentines Day.

Just Say

You can write it in a letter
In flowery words
On sweetly perfumed paper
And seal it with a loving kiss
You can write it in smoke
Across the clear blue sky
You can use dots and dashes
Like the old Morse code
Just say you love me

You can sing it in a song
Like a nightclub crooner
Honey covered words
Set to the music of love
You can beat it out in rhythm
On a set of bongo drums
Emblazon it on a banner
Trailing behind a biplane
Just say you love me

You can say it on the telephone
In dulcet tones
Your voice soft and sweet
To match the words of love
Say it in electric letters
On the side of an airship
Display it on a big screen
Before the match kicks off
Just say you love me

You can say it in dance
In the ballet tradition
With grace and poise
Moving like Darcy Bussle
You can send a signal in smoke
Like a Native American
You can say it in an Email
Just one line will do
You can say it in a Text
I luv u or u r m9
Just say you love me