Please Don’t Love Me

Please don’t love me
Please don’t make me
The object of your affections
Or subject me to your infatuations

Just because I smile at you
And make small talk too
And we have so much in common
Is nothing to pin your hopes upon

Please don’t love me
Please don’t invest your love in me
I’ve been down that road before
I don’t wish to travel it anymore

Everything is rosy at the start
But too many times love breaks your heart
I will not risk my heart again
So all alone I will remain

So please don’t love me
Friends is all we can ever be
Save your love for the “one”
My dealings with love are over and done

One who has loved and lost protests that they can never enter the romantic fray again, for fear of further heartbreak.


Sad Love Poetry


Poems of Love and Loneliness

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved