Happiness Was The Harbinger

Happiness was the harbinger
Of my doom
Happy laughter echoed
In every joyful room

But we were too happy
That was our crime
The God’s couldn’t bear
To see us happy all the time

So they sent the angels
To take you from my side
They took your life
And left me dead inside

Sadness envelops me
As I kneel by your grave
I try to keep back the tears
I try my hardest to be brave

But they come anyway
My grief is unconfined
My dear sweet angel,
Resides with others of her kind

I curse the selfish Gods
For their spiteful jealousy
And pray to them also
To come soon and take me

Is the couple in the poem being punished by the gods for enjoying too much happiness?


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Sad Poems of Love and Loss

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