In The First Light of Dawn

I lie in the first light of dawn
Alone, thinking of her
Wishing her next to me
Feeling her breath
Against my skin
Her breasts
Pressed against me
In the quiet of the new day
Hearing her breathing
I ache for her touch
I long for her soft body
Against mine
In the dawns pale light
And in the darkness
I want her
But she is gone
She is mine no more
Never again will my hands
Caress her form
Never again will I hear
Her murmur and sigh in pleasure
She is mine no more
My angel of the night
Has left my side
And dwells now
With others of her kind

A sad, sensual love poem in which the narrator's waking thoughts are filled with images and sensations of his lover who has died all too recently.


Sad Love Poetry


Sad Poems of Love and Loss

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved