A Port in a Storm

Is it too much to ask
For my love to be returned
Just one simple gesture of warmth
That is all I’ve yearned

A burning passion is hoped for
Though in truth not expected
A heartfelt acknowledgement
But no heart has been detected

Drifting in and out of my life
As if I’m a convenient respite
Then when interest wanes
I am again alone in the night

Each bland uncaring rebuff,
Is another dagger to my heart
My love is treated with apathy
But I miss it when we’re apart

I chastise my self for my weakness
For accepting it and making do
I deserve better than this
I deserve a love that’s honest and true

I have paid all my dues
I have paid in like an endowment
Never made a withdrawal
Still there is no return on my investment

Now my will to continue is gone
As I am left once more forlorn
I pray for my anguish to be at an end
Like a bird impaled upon a thorn

A particularly bleak, near suicidal poem written from the standpoint of a man who has been variously ignored, rejected and humiliated by the woman he loves.


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