Love Is A Roller Coaster

Being in love with you
Was like a roller coaster ride
Exhilarating and stomach churning
But not in a good way
Not in that happy waving your arms in the air
Screaming with delight kind of way

No not your roller coaster
Oh there was exhilaration
You took me to dizzy heights
When you really took my breath away
When I thought life didn’t get any better than that
Like walking through fields of flowers in the sunshine
Or hand in hand along an empty beach
Declarations of love and promises for the future
Making me feel I was the most special person in the world

Then without warning came the stomach churning
That headlong rush into darkness
Cast down into a trough of despair and bitterness
Jealousy and accusations
Venomous verbal tirades and volleys of flying fists
Churning my stomach and breaking my bones

Being in love with you
Was like the roller coaster ride from hell
So I got off and walked away
And I will never ride with you again
Your declarations of love and promises for the future
Are just empty words
Drowned out by your venomous tirades
Thinking of you may still churn my stomach
But you will break my bones no more
I got off your roller coaster broken and battered
But with my spirit intact

A poem about the highs and lows of love reveals a dark underbelly in which we discover that the female protagonist is subject to both verbal and physical abuse.


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Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved