The Judas Kiss

You said you had to go away,
Just a day or two
A business trip
Something you had to do

But I knew better
I knew that you were leaving
I found out
About the cheating and deceiving

I wait for the truth to come
But you just keep lying
You’re leaving me
And inside I’m dying

But you won’t see me cry
I just smile instead
I won’t let you see me
I will do that in my empty bed

You kiss me on the cheek
And look me in the eye
And with that Judas kiss
You turn and say goodbye

An unfaithful husband schemes to leave hsi wife, but although she is aware of his intentions she's deternined not to show any emotion when he kisses her goodbye.


Sad Love Poetry


Poems of Love and Betrayal

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved