The Family Way

I loved her right from the start
Willingly gave her all my heart
And when she walked down the aisle
I could do nothing at all but smile

When we moved into our flat
I thought to myself, that was that
Once we had our home together
We would just grow old together

Then I saw the pregnancy tester
When she had reached the first Trimester
And then came another level of joy
We would have a little girl or boy

Now I may have tended to fuss
My devotion may have been uxorious
But she was all important in my life
So I fussed around my primiparous wife

And when the great day finally came
We still hadn’t even settled on a name
But our daughter blessed our union
And I had two loves to dote upon

A doting husband reflects on his marriage and the joys that it has brought.


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