Do I Love You?

Do I love you?
How could I not
When I touch you
My heart beats as yours
You are the one
My other self
My virtual twin
When I breathe out
You breathe in
You are the other half of me
That makes me whole
We fit each other
Like machine cut pieces
In a puzzle of love
When I hold you
The edges of our forms blur
And we are one being
We are symbiotic
Hearts beating as one
Thinking each others thoughts
Speaking each others words
Sharing the same shadow
When I hold your hand
Our fingers merge
And become indistinguishable
We are conjoined
Do I love you?
You know I do
I always have
And always will
What else can a soul mate do?
More than ingots from the vaults
Or jewels in the Castle’s keep
Neither polished gem nor cultured pearl
Could be held to be in compare
To the priceless nature of our love
That you and I both share

Yes or No?

The couple in the poem are deeply in love and completely compatible, at least in the heart of the one who gives voice to his feelings.


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Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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