Bridal Desire

Do you want your future bride
To be chaste and never caught?
Should she be pure in thought and deed
With never a single immoral thought?

Abstaining from sex on moral grounds
And any kind of lustful devilment?
Not a very realistic expectation
Unless she’s been living in a convent

It’s not what I would look for in a bride
I would want my wife to be sexually faithful
When the vows were said, I wouldn’t want
Her to indulge in anything extra marital

But on the day I would like her to appear angelic
With the look of innocence upon her face
As she stands at the alter dressed in virgin white
While encased beneath in black silk and lace

A White Wedding?

A realistic tone is struck in a poem which sees the groom speculating as to whether he would prefer purity or sexual experience in his wife to be.


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