It’s such a small word
A misused word
A throw away word
Used as a panacea
Tell someone “I love you”
And everything is supposed to be forgiven
But love
Is too small a word
For what I feel
Too small for what I want to express
The love I feel
Is immeasurable, infinite
In its depth
In its quality
In time
In it’s all encompassing nature
It colours everything
All I say, all I do
Yet to express my feeling all I can say is
“I love you”
It’s just so inadequate
For what I want to express
My need for you
My never being parted from you
To be joined forever
In every way
But I don’t have the word to express it
I don’t have the vocabulary
I just have love

The Magic Word

Not explicitly a wedding poem, the poem speaks of a love which is deep, eternal and almost impossible to articulate.


Love Poems for Special Occasions


Love Poems for Weddings

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