A Book On The Shelf

A book on the shelf
Passed by, passed over
Rejected by browsers
Ignored by casual trade
Over looked by readers of discernment
Often handled but never understood
A book on the shelf
Unwanted and unappreciated
Unloved and forlorn waits patiently
For that one special wordsmith
Who will see the small tome
Among the vast bibliotheca
And admire the cover,
The quality of the fabric
Its exquisite binding
He will handle the book
Feel its weight and worth in one caress
And will appreciate its quality.
When he turns the pages
He will engage with the contents
Understanding its language
Each perfect word on each pristine page
This will be a story of such worth
When the wordsmith finds
This book on the shelf

A poem of romantic hopes and aspirations which will appeal particularly to bibliophiles.


Sad Love Poetry


Poems of Love and Loneliness

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved