Laughter rings now
In the once empty caverns
Of my heart
Sweet wine now
Replaces the bitter brew
Which once coursed
Through narrow streams
My senses once dulled by time
Are now sharp, concise
Vision like an eagle soaring
Able to hear the beat
Of a humming birds wings
Nostrils filled with exotic scent
Heady and cloying
Exquisite tastes tantalize
An unsophisticated palate
And the reason
For my transformation
My metamorphosis
Is an angel
Who has energized an old man
Invigorated my senses
She has re-awakened me
Stirred my soul
But she will never know
Must never know
How she has affected me
I will view her from a distance
And exchange polite greetings
A warm smile, A familiar nod
I will keep my own council
And I will feel contentment
My love unrequited

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

A poem of unrequited love, in which an old man feels reinvigorated by an encounter with a younger woman, but takes a conscious decision not to pursue his new love.


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