I Hide Me

I hide me
From the world
Protect myself
Within an amniotic sac
Like a babe in the womb
My heart in a cocoon
Free from harm
Wrapped in cotton wool
Safe, secure,
Out of sight, out of mind

I hide me
The best of me
Protected from
Deceitful hearts
And transient desires
The Schemers, dreamers,
And false redeemers
The superficial and the shallow
The morally hollow
Those that would hurt me
Use me and abuse me
All these and more

I hide me
The essential me
Keep me hidden
From the bitterness and bile
Of the vindictive and the vile
Free from recrimination
And spiteful retribution
Heart locked safely away
Never to see the light of day

Forgive the ungrammatical opening line and enjoy instead a poem of retrenchment and a search for a safe haven while a broken heart is given time to heal.


Sad Love Poetry


Poems of Love and Loneliness

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved