When Harry Met Sally

Harry’s mind wandered
As he wend his way
Through crowded streets
He would see her that night
Anna, his new love
He could smell her hair
Feel the softness of her skin
He could even taste her
He longed for her
As he remembered
Her smile, her kiss
Her writhing body
Then Harry stepped off the curb
And was struck
By a car unseen
Tossing him like a rag doll
Depositing him unceremoniously
Between car and gutter
As his body lay broken
And bleeding
Where it came to rest
On the unforgiving street
The last image in his mind
Was not the killer car
But his Anna, His new love
As his life ebbed away
His heart beat its last
The paramedic’s best efforts
Were to no avail
A moment’s carelessness
Had cost a young life
His heart beat no more
In his broken body
Only to beat once more
And reanimate
In another’s chest
To bring new hope
To rekindle another’s existence
Bringing a new beginning for Sally
Which like a phoenix
Rose from the ashes
Of another families grief

A long traumatic love poem whose title references the Meg Ryan film classic. Harry's preoccupation with his new lover, Anna, causes him to step off the kerb a daydream and into the path of speeding car. The efforts of paramedics to save his life are in vain, but this sad love poem reaches a surprisingly upbeat conclusion.


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