Partners in Time

I held your hand
Though you did not know it
And I remembered
The first time I held it
That august day so long ago
When the magic passed between us
And I knew I had found my mate
It was such an innocuous action
We were on the train
Two travelling strangers 
As it rattled its way through Surrey
You were getting to your feet
When the train lurched
And you fell back with a bump
I offered you my hand
Which you took
And the die was cast
Our journey together began
Now your journey is nearly at its end
And I sit in vigil at your side
Where I will remain
Until life leaves your body
On that quiet final breath
I said when we were young
“I would love you all of your life”
When you were still you,
Before the morphine took you
You said to me
“Will you still love me all of my life?”
With a crack in my voice I said
“No I’ll love you for all of mine”

A poem seething with raw emotion, as the protagonist sits at the bedside of their partner who is close to death and contemplates the life they shared and speculates as to what lies ahead.


Sad Love Poetry


Sad Poems of Love and Loss

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved