When your heart
Has been broken
And stepped on
It leaves you hesitant
Reluctant to try
To give in once more
To open up To emotion
To dip your toe
Into the mire
Into the ocean
Of desire
To dip your toe
Into the ocean
Of unknown emotion
If you don’t
Enter the water
You wont get wet
There is no danger
Of being dragged under
Should you take a chance?
On love again
Throw caution to the wind
Open yourself up to the pain
Or the pleasure
Feel the love
Washing over you
Immersing yourself
The waves washing over you
It may drown you
If you do
If you resist the temptation
You will be safe
Unharmed in your segregation
Yet a single moment spent
In the refreshing waters
Stood on the ocean floor
Is worth a lifetime
Spent safely on the shore

A poem about love and hurt which endeavours to balance the romantic implications of two equally flip traditional sayings, There are plenty more fish in the sea and Once bitten, twice shy.


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