Used And Abused

You sought me out
And overwhelmed me
Your directness was disarming
You were seductive and charming
But the want of you made me ache
And soon you took me to bed
Made me sweat and made me shake
As you soothed my ache
You made me whimper and moan
And grunt and groan
You used me and abused me
Until I begged for rest
You exhausted me
Till I could scarcely go on
And when I had no more to give
You wrung me out like a wet rag
And cast me aside
Then as quickly as you came into my life
You were gone from it
And I slept the clock around

Used, abused and cruelly discarded, young girl plays the price of falling for the seductive charms of a lothario.


Sad Love Poetry


Poems of Love and Betrayal

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved