A Further Selection of Romantic Poems

More romantic love poems by contemporary English poet Paul Curtis. The poems focus upon the emotional, the unrealisable, the complete enigma that is love.

As One

A poem about the subtle signals that tell you you're at one with your significant other, and most definitely not an instructional poem for cardiac surgeons.

A poem about the subliminal signs and romantic messages that those in a relationship can detect, while all around are oblivious.



First Love Poems

How Do I Know I’m In Your Heart?

How do I know I’m in your heart?
It’s feeling your hand in mine
And hearing your sighs
It’s a knowing smile on your face
A glance with libidinous eyes
And a maiden's blush
It’s being close to you
Being alone with you
Even in a crowd
It’s every look and gesture
It’s in every nuance
Every unsaid word
That tells me I’m in your heart

Second Time Around

An If I had my time again poem which hold out the promise of more romance and tenderness a second time around.

A close contender for inclusion with the sad love poems, but the underlying message is of a love which is imperfect, but unrestrained.



First Love Poems

I Could Have

If we had our time over
What could I have done better?
I could have talked to you more
I should have listened to you more
I could have spent more time with you
I could have thought more about you
I could have been more understanding
I could have been more forgiving
I could have said I love you more often
I could have held your hand more often
I could have loved you better I’m sure
But I could not have loved you more

Clumsy or Careless?

Why is the heart viewed as the seat of human emotion? The poem doesn't so much answer the question as pose a good few more.

A poem of romantic indecision and doubt. The writer has fallen head over heals for his new love, but the very dept of his infatuation causes him to question whether it will all end in tears.



First Love Poems

I Have Lost My Heart

I have lost my heart
And you are now its keeper
With each moment that passes
My love for you grows deeper

Will you treasure my heart?
Are you worthy of its keeping?
Or will this infatuation
End with my heart weeping

Unvoiced Words

I reticent, tongue tied, or perhaps mute lover ponders his inability to express his love for his partner.

A poem about the inability of the writer to give voice to the three magic words, I love you. Although the sex of the protagonist is unstated, the reticence about expressing emotional thoughts and feelings to a loved one certainly suggests that the verse is written from a male viewpoint.



First Love Poems

I May Not Always Tell You

I may not always tell you
But you are everything to me
When I awaken in the morning
You're first in my thoughts
How much simpler life would be
If only I could say
I love you for being you
I love you for loving me

The love we feel the deepest
Is the hardest to express
But in your heart you must know
How much I love you
How much simpler life would be
If only I could say
I love you for being you
I love you for loving me

Emotions and the feelings
I sometimes tend to hide
But when we're together
I count my blessings
How much simpler life would be
If only I could say
I love you for being you
I love you for loving me

You're first in my thoughts
Every moment of every day
I should just say “I love you”
But this is not the way for me
How much simpler life would be
If only I could say
I love you for being you
I love you for loving me

A Life Changing Moment

A poem which will either strike a chord or leave you feeling incredulous, depending on your love/life experience.

The idea of love at first sight is something of a cliché, but perhaps it happens more often in poetry than in life.



First Love Poems

In An Instant

One brief moment changed my life
When the love that emanated from you
Captured my heart in that instant
And in the clarity of that moment I knew
My destiny had been forever shaped
And my life would ever after be with you

A Vision

The eponymous heroine of Paul's poem is variously described as a vision of pulchritude, lithe limbed and gracile, and coquettish.

A vision of beauty and besotted to boot. How rarely life imitates art.



First Love Poems


A vision of pulchritude
My sweet little Isabel
Coquettish in the extreme
A beautiful southern belle
Lithe limbed and gracile
She is hopelessly vivacious
With her sylph like elegance
She tends to the outrageous
But for all her dalliances
And her overt vivacity
Her revelling in the attention
She is still in love with me

Eternally Optimistic

A simple, perhaps even simplistic, poem about romantic love, but it has the advantage it could be scribbled in haste in an anniversary or valentines card and the recipient would certainly believe you'd written it yourself.

A poem which carries a simple message about the ability on love to enrich one's life.



First Love Poems

Life Is Good

Life is good
Life is great
Life is something
I appreciate

My life is good
My life is great
My life is something
I celebrate

I love my life
And I love you too
You are my life
And life gave me you

Romantic Reassurance

A romantic poem of reassurance, in which one partner pledge that they will remain sweethearts until the end of time.

Soothing words to a loved one about the security offered by a loving and enduring relationship.



First Love Poems


Put your trust in me my love
I will never let you down my dear
My darling, dry your tears
My angel set aside your fears
Our life together will be sublime
Sweethearts till the end of time

Separation Doesn't Weaken Our Relationship

A great poem for lovers who are separated at a romantically significant time of year, such as Valentine's Day or Christmas.

A vividly drawn picture of lovers separated by thousands of miles, but eagerly anticipating being reunited.



First Love Poems


I watch the sunset and think of you
And picture you beneath that sun
Burning high in your sky
And I feel your presence
Though you are half a world away
And we are separated
By oceans and continents
Our hearts are connected
And soon we will be hand in hand
To share our sunsets

I Love You More Than...

If I was in my most flippant, facetious doctorly mode, I might assure you the way to your heart is though your aorta. This, though, is a tender and sensitive poem which asserts a moral message about good deeds and kind thoughts triumphing in a material world.

A relationship is built on honestly and the simple appreciation of the other partner, rather than lavish gifts or trinkets.



First Love Poems

The Way Into My Heart

The way into my heart
Is not with silver or gold
Nor money or jewels
Or five star dining
Expensive sports cars
And holidays abroad
It’s nothing of material worth

The way into my heart
Is a gesture of kindness
An unselfish act
You holding my hand
And gazing into my eyes
It’s a gentle caress
It’s simply being you

Bottle It Up And Keep It Safe

A pleasantly literal poem which will resonate with anyone who likes clear, unambiguous direction.

A poem about the need to treasure the precious gift of love.

Treasure Beyond Price

If you find love
Treasure it
Don’t be a fool
And waste it
Bottle it and keep it safe
Make it last forever
When you find love
Never let it go

Still Waters

The poem's central thesis is elegantly and concisely summed up by the couplet love is… what remains when beauty fades.

A poem which contrasts the constants in relationships - love and commitment - with the temporal pleasures of beauty and physical attraction.

Love Is More

Love is more
Than aesthetics
Beauty is only skin deep
It may be what you first notice
Or what first gets you noticed
But it’s not enough
Love is more than the flashy cover on a book

Love is
What can’t be seen at first glance
It’s what’s beneath the surface
It’s the detail on every page of the book
That has to be studied
It’s what remains when beauty fades
It is the constant

Love is more
Than physical attraction
Or physical expression of that attraction
Even when it’s fantastic
It’s not enough

Love is
What you do in between the sex
Not just kisses that delight
It’s in the conversation
And the understanding
It’s holding hands and not caring who sees
Its walks in the country
It’s dancing cheek to cheek to cheesy love-songs
It’s caring and sharing
Love is being diminished by its loss

ABC of Love

A protestation of love in poetic form which is as OTT as it is ABC.

Most alphabet poems take either an acrostic or 'A is is for amorous, B is of beautiful' approach. Paul's Alphabet Girl skips around freely in its alphabetical exuberance.

You Are My Alphabet Girl

You are Cute with a capital C
And Gorgeous with a capital G
You are beautiful to me
You are my Beloved with a capital B
You are my Darling, with a capital D
You mean the entire world to me.
You are my alphabet girl you see
Every letter from A to Z
Loving you is as easy as ABC


A simple exchange of greetings on a bus speaks volumes as to what romantic possibilities lay ahead.

A narrative poem which relates an apparently innocent meeting which clearly has passion bubbling away beneath the surface.

The Girl On The Bus

I climbed the stairs
To the top deck
Then I found a seat
And sat
Then I heard a voice say “hi”
It was soft and gently spoken
I turned towards the voice
Which emanated from a girl
With the warmest smile
And her red hair ablaze
In the morning sun
And with her head slightly inclined
She said again “hi”
That’s all
Just “hi”
And with that simple word
Came her smiling eyes
Beneath her blazing hair
And a radiant glow
And a feeling came over me
A peaceful warm feeling
As warm as her smile
Then all at once
I felt so at ease
As if I had known her forever
Though I had seen her only once before
And did not think she had seen me
All she said was “hi” 
But her tone spoke volumes
I returned her smile
And tamely said “hello”
I wanted to say so much more
She smiled again
This time with the heat
To match her flaming locks
I needed no words
As with that wondrous smile
All my questions were answered

A Voice As Sweet…

Fantasy is mixed with reality in a poem which asks more questions than it answers.

A poem which could be read on many levels, from the literal to the metaphorical.

She Is The Angel Of The Choir

She is the Angel of the choir
She is my only hearts desire
Her voice fills me with rapture
A voice as sweet as her nature
But though I am in a state of bliss
I could never hope for a single kiss
For she is but a visitor from on high
An angel fallen from the sky
No mortal voice could so express
Each note in perfect choral congress

She is the Angel of the choir
She is my only hearts desire
In truth I know she is earthly born
But nonetheless I am left forlorn
For I have her upon a pedestal so high
That even an angel fallen from the sky
When on heavenly wings she flew
Would be less exalted in my view
So I must watch my angel as she sings
As my devoted heart grows wings
And soars up high on her sweet melody
I pray my angel will only sing for me

A Rose By Any Other Name…

An exotic poem which titillates and tantalises the senses.

The olfactory allure of a woman may seem an indelicate subject, but it opens up all sorts of romantic, perhaps erotic possibilities.

Scent Of A Woman

An exotic fragrance filled the air
A heady perfume so divine
A scent that made me giddy
Like being intoxicated on wine
It was the girl with the dazzling smile
And almost luminous eyes
When she spoke each sentence
Was like a string of sultry sighs
Each sweet honey coated word
Delivered from her luscious lips
What import may have been
The honey sound did eclipse
I was mesmerised by her
For how long I could not say
But it is to my satisfaction
That she chose not go away

Hebdomadal Delights

A poem which intermingles Spanish passion with the sobriety of Sunday observances.

If it were your aim to learn a new word a day, Sunday Service offers a whole week's worth in one go. No. I didn't know what 'muliebrity' meant either.

Sunday Service

Her dark eyes, sultry and steamy
Flashed a sideward’s glance
From beneath the black lace of her Mantilla
He gave her a browse
A more appraising look altogether
Her eyes flashed up again
A lingering languid glance
Which spoke of her muliebrity
Not the putative girl
They were now the cynosure
Of each others eyes
No words were spoken
Everything was intuit
With amative study
And libidinous perusal
She his object of pulchritude
He her beloved inamorato
Then they had to separate
And the spell was broken
Until next Sundays reunion

A Flame Haired Angel

Infatuation or stalking? It's a fine line when obsession becomes behaviour altering.

It has to be said that Paul has a thing about red heads, whether it be the classic beauty of the pre raphaelite period or something more contemporary and minx like.

The Cute Red Head

I sit in the beer garden
Not because I wanted a drink
Or because it was a nice day
But because I wanted to see her
I didn’t know her name
I just knew her as the cute red head
The girl with the open smiling face
And the full bountiful lips
Jade green eyes, and of course the red hair
I’m really rather sad
To come to the same ghastly pub,
To drink luke warm beer each day
Just for a glimpse of an angel

Gently Does It new poem

A young man tentatively asks a woman out and is both surprised and delighted not to be rebuffed.

A young man grows in stature when his romantic overtures fall on receptive ears.

I Changed On That Day

I changed on that day
For the whole world to see
When I asked you out
And you didn’t flee
You weren’t rude to me
Or laugh hysterically
Instead you smiled
And then said yes to me
And I changed again
For the whole world to see
When I said I love you
And you said you loved me

Silent Contentment new poem

A poem which elequently describes the quiet contentment that love can bring.

A poem which demonstates a linguistic economy characteristic of Japanese verse forms.


Being together
Without words,
Thoughts transcend
The empty silence
To find balance
In perfect union,
A comfortable congress

A Vision of Loveliness

A woman sits before a mirror, whilst from afar her lover reflects upon both her extraordinary beauty and his good fortune.

A poem which mixes tenderness with a sinister undercurrent of possessiveness and voyeurism.

Reflected Glory

She sits before the mirror
Head inclined
Fine brown hair falls off her shoulders
Cascading down one side
The evening sun shimmering on the fine strands
The lustrous skin of her shoulders and back,
Naked but for the slender straps of her dress
Silently invites my caress
Her heady perfume filled the room
Invading my senses like a fragrant garden after summer rain
The fabric of her dress hugs the wondrous contours I know so well
In the mirror her hazel eyes look back at me
As she sees me watching her
And knowing my thoughts her reflection smiles
And at its radiance my heart soars
Making me want her
I don’t ask why she loves me
I just thank god for her
For her elegant beauty
And for the greater beauty inside
This evening I must share her
But later she will be mine alone
So for now I bathe in the reflected glory of her