On His Deathbed

Sebastian seriously ill lay dying
His wife, Vicky, by his side crying
He roused from his coma briefly
And his pallid lips moved slightly
He whispered "Vicky my darling,"
"Hush" she said. "Rest, no talking"
But he was persistent in his distress
"I have something I must confess."
"There's nothing to confess dearest"
She replied weeping “Please rest"
But Sebastian was not about to cease
"No, no. Vicky I must die in peace,”
“I slept with your sister, and mother
Your best friend, and your brother"
She whispered "I know my sweet one"
"Now let the poison’s work be done"

A twisted funny love poem about a deathbed scene between a loyal wife and a duplicitous husband. Revenge is sweet!


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