Love At First Sight

I was drawn to her
Like a moth to a flame
My eyes were drawn to her
Slender frame
Her hypnotic green eyes
Deep and intense like precious emeralds
Held me entranced,
Paralyzed like a serpent's prey
Her skin was lustrous
Like a fresh picked peach
And her cheeks glowed
With the faintest hint of red
Her mouth opened
Lips like the petals of an open flower
Were moist as if with morning dew
She spoke, her words soft
And her voice smooth as silk
Mesmerized me like music
I answered her without hearing the words
It was almost dreamlike
My heart beat fast in my chest
As I swam in and out of reality
I felt her hand in mine
And she led me into the garden
Where we strolled together
Through the fragrant twilight of moonbeams
Her scent was heady as the exotic blossom
Of orchids in spring
My heart still pounded
As her mesmeric voice
Like an angels whisper
Led me on through the moonlight
I seemed to float through the evening
Almost disembodied
And in those many magical moments
I surrendered my heart and soul
To the vision named Clariss

The Thunderbolt Strikes

The notion of falling hopelessly, helplessly in love with someone on first meeting bemuses some, but Love at First Sight portrays just such a scenario, in which the writer is captivated by the beauty of a young girl, a rare and enchanting specimen of womanhood.


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