The Very First Look

The very first look,
Little more than a glance really,
Is almost cursory in nature
Yet seems to be one of recognition
But you are a stranger to me.
So why if that is the case,
When our eyes meet,
Do the hairs stand up?
On the back of my neck
Now my skin is tingling
Like I’m full of electricity
My mouth is dry
And I think I’m actually blushing
I see confusion on your face
Is this the same for you?
Do you feel it too?
Why does a stranger affect me so?
What is this feeling?
What’s happening?
Who are you?
Now you are smiling
You do feel it too
Well, smiling stranger
Is this love at first sight?
Or is it déjà vu

A Precursor to Love

The physiological signs of sexual attraction and fear are remarkably similar, as our protagonist discovers.


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