Fill My World With Light

From the first break of day
Till the setting of the sun
My heart is full to overflowing
And I know that you are the one

Even as the dusk descends
And the world hovers in twilight
My heart still holds true
And I know all will be alright

But when the dark shadows merge
And the dusk turns into black
My heart is filled with dread
As the doubts come flooding back

It’s in the darkness where I succumb
Where I surrender to the fear
I am weak and afraid when I’m alone
But I feel strong when you’re near

You can banish the darkness forever
Filling my life with a perfect light
With the love that fills your heart
You can make every thing alright

Marry me and be my wife
And keep the forbidding dark at bay
I will know no fear or darkness
Only light after our wedding day

Heartfelt and sincere, Fill My World With Light is the sort of poem to offer reassurance to anyone embarking on the tortuous road that leads to marriage.


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